Some crappy moments in Y2010

This shall be my final update for Y2010. Some fun we had along the way and I can’t exactly remember when it was.:x

 I call it the C.L.A.S.S.I.C.S

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Fraser Hills, December 31, 2010

It was New year’s eve and my group of friends have been planning a driving trip to Fraser Hills since November!

We were so looking forward to getting to the resort and we were still happily discussing of where else we can drive to i.e. Genting/KUL since we’ve booked 2 nights at the resort; but driving up that bloody hill alone took us 45 mins!

It was B.O.R.I.N.G  &  T.I.R.I.N.G  &  D.I.Z.ZY!

Look at the driver’s damn high face (upon arrival) and you will know what I meant.

The gals were doing better c’os we didnt had to drive. Yipee!
The resort sux, it was old and kind of eerie. There wasn’t much to do apart from enjoying the chilly weather so we started mahjong-ing, in Ringgit 🙂

See how creative we can get due to limited resources.

The red scoop was found in the toilet. Paper bag was from shopping along the way! Anyhows, i was the winner for the day! Wahahah!

It was Day 2 and we’ve decided to drive up to Genting! It’s been 3 yrs since I’ve been there. As usual, guys gamble and the gals just hanging around and play the minimal. I lost RM 100 at the end of day. Puiz….

Drove off to KUL the same evening and it was dinner and drinks. My dear friends even got me a cake to celebrate my belated birthday 🙂

That’s what friends are for! Touch TTM!

Hope we can do this again soon man! But not to Fraser Hills!

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My Birthday 2010

Gosh! is the reaction I had each time I logged in to WordPress! It’s been 3 months since i last updated my blog. The worst of all is that I have yet to finish blogging bout stuff in Y2010!

Anyways, long story short and a quick short post on my birthday celebration last year before another celebration in 2 months time!

The first surprise I had on my Birthday — A lovely bouquet from a lovely person –Something I want to remember can’t forget and also something that will never happen again. 😥

Oh wait, it came along with a lovely monkey which is sitting in my cupboard now =.=”

Then it was a mini celebration at Autosport with my bunch of girlfriends!

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Birthday Eve 2010

We have celebrations on eves of Public Holidays like Christmas eve, New Year’s Eve and I too have a Birthday Eve celebration! Thanks to my sis, aunt and friends for the wonderful surprise!

I merely thought it was a post Christmas BBQ get together as I did not get to meet my baby cousins during Xmas

and there came the surprise …

Yes! My sis decorated the cake all by herself! Can’t believe she had the patience to design it from scratch! Cake was from The Icing Room where you can Design-It-Yourself!

A picture with almost everyone except the unfriendly Roger Labbit!

My 2 lovely cousins! Cute to the max! ❤

Round II at Min’s place — Birthday Kisses!

Special thanks to my sis, bro-in-law (though I know you didn’t do much except for being an Ahmad) and aunt for organising. Friends, Brother +gf who specially made a trip over and MOST IMPORTANTLY the 2 maids who did the cleaning!

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Freaking Long Banana


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Christmas Day 2010

Drinks as usual on Christmas Day @ Autosport!

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Christmas Eve 2010

It was dinner @ Mulligan’s, Clarke Quay

Jason getting ready for the X’mas SOP i.e. Gift Exchange

 & there are always surprises along the way




Who in the hell would wrap a present in this way?!?!? No, wait. Wrap is not the right word to be used in this case but I can’t think of any words to replace it for now. Badly wrapped? Ugly wrapping? Trying-to-be-creative-but-turned-out-to-be-disastrous-wrapping-skill?

Check out the label, it reads:

Title: Cake Box

Qty: 50pcs

The couple behind the scene and he still has the cheek to smile =.=””””

The gifts! Jason was too shy to even take a picture with the uglily-wrapped present!

Next Stop: Yue@Clarke Quay

Joined them at Yue for an hour and I had to leave for my next round i.e. Autosport!

It was Last Christmas @ Auto as their last day of operation was on Dec 31, 2010. It was sad that they had to give it up but they didn’t had a choice as the landlord was asking way too much for rental!

Promised the ladies that I will be there for countdown but Katek was already gone when I reached Auto! How sad! I was there for another two hours before I headed back to Yue.

 Back @ Yue!

~ End of Christmas Eve ~

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My whereabouts

Gosh! It’s been 2months since I last updated my blog. And yes, I am aware that I have been saying the same for the past few posts!

24hrs a day just doesn’t seem to be enough since I started work in my current job; I only have time for dinner, shower and probably 3 episodes of whatever-drama-series-I-am-watching before its bedtime, at 2AM! It is then time to get back to my hectic job after six hours of sleep (sometimes lesser when I watched more than 3 episodes!). Thank god my dad sends me to work every morning and I can get some shut-eye during the journey (I know I’m a lucky gal!).

My job is crazy, or rather getting from bad to worse. I used to support a team of 7-9 and it has been increased to 12 and counting! Sometimes I really wonder how I managed to survive in this job till now; but I don’t think I should have any complaints since I’ve gotten the two most important things that one look for in a job i.e. Nice colleagues (Disclaimer: It depends on their mood and workload) and Money$$$ (Disclaimer: Not very well paid but much better in comparison with my previous jobs)! Nope, I am not complaining, lol. Jokes aside but I am really glad to have this job.

And just in case you were wondering if I was out drinking like I used to, the answer to it is NO! Unbelievable but true! Age is catching up and I don’t seem to have the energy I used to have. 真是不认老都不行了 (Can’t deny the fact that I’m getting old)! A drink on a  weekday evening = Suffering at work for the next 2 days = Cannot focus at work = Kena reprimanded by bosses for screwing up their stuff = Payback time! Guess I am getting better in Maths so I quit try-to-quit (still sneak out for a-weekday-light-drink once every 2 weeks)!

Well, its 12:30AM now and I guess I have to run — only have time for 2 episodes of 24 now! Will try and update my blog regularly.


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Annual D&D November 12, 2010

What >> Our Annual D&D

Where >> Suntec Convention Hall

When >> November 12, 2010

Theme >> Horror Night (Something like that…. cant really remember)


This was the largest D&D I’ve ever attended after working for 5 different companies in 8 years (Disclaimer: Im not a job-hopper. It just so happened that the companies I’ve been working for always had a change in management after 2yrs or so!)! Didnt really dress up according to the theme c’os my colleagues were too “on”! Boo~~~ Or maybe I should say they were too busy to dress up c’os we didnt even reach till 9pm when we were supposed to reach at 7pm!

The additional booze we brought! Courtesy of the bosses!

6 bottles of red and white, Martell, McCallum, Chivas, Yamazaki, Moet

This was the second time I went “drinking” with my colleagues after joining the company for 5 months then. They were so FUN! Love it!


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TM & Lydia’s Wedding, November 4 2010

It was TM’s Wedding @ Intercontinental!

The reception ladies, groom’s side

 Argh… Photos taken by pros just look so much better! I wanna learn photography…!

A Pic With “Lim Jit Guan” a.k.a 喝一罐!

One with Pau of coz. & it should be obvious why I call him Pau! Somehow my face looks smaller when im next to him!

And these 2 ladies makes me feel the total opposite now… F..A…T…! 😦

Jia, the mother of 2 and 3rd one coming…!

Nerdy and his “New” Hairstyle then. Havent seen him for months, i hope it got better! 😡






Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun!!!!

Both of them were so humble and friendly and & we couldnt stop taking pics with them!!!

After the group pic with Edmund Chen, he had a short conversation with us:

Edmund Chen: “你们是同学吗?” 

Us: “是啊, 已经十五年了!

Edmund Chen: “真难得! 那你们要永远保持你们之间的友谊哦!”

Gosh, he even bothered to strike a conversation with a bunch of strangers!!!! And the photos you’re seeing now is only from 1 out of 4 cameras???!!!

Okay, enough of the celebraties, my entry was meant for TM and Lydia’s wedding 😡

The Only picture i have of the bride and groom

The Beautiful Bride!


And after dinner, it was back to cam whoring!

Plan was to continue drinking at their suite but the groom couldn’t make it! He was so ……DRUNK!

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