Our tuesday nights…

Yawnz~ So tired! Went out for drinks with my colleagues last night @ Nana… Yes, Nana is a TH Disco, but trust me, this place is realli not bad. I would say its more entertaining than Lunar/Dragonfly, and its something different from the norm discos. It is really not as sleazy as i thought, initially.

They have different gals singing on stage (on and off) and they could be singing either Thai, Jap, Chinese, English songs. Though i dont understand what they were singing most of the time, i still enjoy listening to the rythmn/tune of the song itself. They too have dancers on stage during Disco time and you can see all the gals and “gals” dancing. 

We had lots of fun drinking, joking, and of coz, looking at the gals and the man in a woman’s body!

And i met my Sec Sch mate. What a coincidence.


~AW & Me~ 

Omg, we need a change! We have been leading this unhealthy lifestyle for a month! But wat can we do after a hard day’s work, except for drinks and still drinks?? Here are some pics taken during the past one month.

Nana, 01.04.08


The usual tuesday khakis & our special guest ~AY~

Nana, 18.03.08


Nana, 10.03.08

This was the first time i went Nana, and i met my ex pool khaki ~KW~.

Beer Belly, 19.02.08


~ Me, SC, JL, IC ~

 Hm, perhaps we should try some other activities like badminton, prawn fishing, bowling instead of drinking?  😉

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