~VL’s~ birthday celebration

No idea what to write today, as i was at home the whole night, sleeping. Too tired as i partied till 5am on Tuesday night! Since i have nothing better to do now, am thinking of posting the pics taken during my best friend, ~VL’s~ birthday celebration 🙂

We had lots of fun that day and the best thing is, ~VL’s~ bf is overseas and we can get her drunk! I ended up getting drunk too and lost my cardholder. Sigh, i lost $100  cash, card, PDL, IC… Sigh, I’m gonna be $300 poorer coz this is the 2nd time i lost my IC !@#$@@#% So expensive!

Velvet Underground 28.03.08

The 4 Beauties 🙂

~ BL, SL, Me, VL ~


You are gonna get drunk tonight !


~VL~, my best friend since sec sch

~VL & BL~, best friends since pri sch days

~Me & SL~, Best friends since poly days

~ L(?), Me & SL ~, dunno ~L’s~ surname 😡


This is the 2nd time i met ~L~, she’s fun and i love her company~

This was what we had after finishing a bot of Martell within 3hrs

~L~ says this waiter is cute ! But he’s so young, only 21 yrs old

Close up shot. Cute? I mean the waiter.

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