A small gathering

It was 8:15pm on a thursday night, i received a call from Zuan asking everyone to fall-in @ Crazy Hours located at Keong Saik Road. Kinda tired yesterday but still went ahead as i havent seen them for ages. Only expected Eddie, Zuan and Pi to be there, but Nerdy joined us shortly after that.

And as usual, they like to disturb me verbally and they will end up having a taste of my 寒冰掌 & 无影脚, 哈哈! But then again, wats new, they have been my buddies for more than a decade and they should have got used to it already 😡

We drank, sang, play pool, cards, dice, five ten, and even arm wrestling! Sometimes, when one gets bored, they will really do silly things..

Zuan look so stressed, but Eddie like “bo la sah”?

Thats Mr Pi & Me in Mr Pi’s specs, look like ah dai?

The bros. My hair is so messy, why didnt the phtographer tell me!?


~Zuan, Nerdy, Eddie, Pi~

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