A sleepy weekend

Friday was a LONG day… Met sis & hubby, min and roger for dinner at Golden Cafe at 7:15pm. Went Shebang after dinner.. Havent been to Shebang for weeks, and it is still as boring -_-”

Went to Crazy hours at 10 plus to look for Zuan and guys, met Nerd’s TP’s classmates, whom i cant recall at all.

After Crazy hours, i went to CP to look for some friends, then to clarke quay to look for a discotheque, but only realised that it had closed down.. duh.. wth ! Ended up at Geographer, some THD again, quite boring.. Nana is still the best! Partied till 5am that day.. Shag!

Slept all the way till Saturday 8pm, woke up for dinner. VL & BL jio Butter Factory, but i dun feel like going, wanna save $$$… So i watched DVDs till 1am and fell asleep again… All the way till this afternoon 1pm… “Jit tao” Coma !

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