Went out with colleagues on tuesday night, and yes, its Nana again~ thought there will be celebration for the Songkran festival but no more lor… Kinda disappointed. Waterguns bought were all wasted, but luckily its not me who bought it, haha.

A summary of what happened that night

(1) Who went? Serene,Ivy,Crystal,Me,Jay,Jeff,Kelvin,Frankie,Jialun

(2) Drinks we had? 2 bots Martell, 1 bot Red wine, 5 bots Stout   

(3) Who’s the target of the day? Serene

(4) Who’s drunk? Serene & Jialun 

(5) Who fell asleep? Kelvin the pig 

(6) The most tiring person? Jayson, coz he had to send Serene back, turned back to CTE to pick up Serene’s phone (Coz Serene left it at the roadside). Not forgetting the “remains” in his car, proudly sponsored by Serene…

It was another wild night… Not for me, but for Serene & i guess this is the first time she got herself so drunk. Well, this was inevitable as she was the target for the night, and practically everyone wants to see her getting drunk.. and im one of them, hur hur.. Already she’s semi-high, i ordered her a stout, followed by Lun’s 4 Stout, and finally ended with my bot of red wine, haha.. Super mixture.. Sure high!

Luckily i got a stomache when i reached Nana, thats why didnt drink much initially.. Else, i believe ill be another drunkie… Ok, all for now, let the photos do the talking ~~




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2 Responses to NiTeOut

  1. mun yue says:

    wah… you guys very bad leh… make serene drunk until can forget her phone and left it by the roadside. tsk, tsk…

  2. 1ynn says:

    hehe, im the one who’s always drunk wor, must rotate sometimes mah. You wanna be the next one? Lol

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