Busy afternoon at work

Busy afternoon yesterday, only went for my afternoon smoke break at 5pm instead of the usual 3:30pm. i’ve finally got something to do at work, and most importantly, its something which i enjoy doing and that is organising of events 🙂

Secretarial week is just round the corner. Me & my team mate have been planning the event since March. All food, games, birthday cake, programme are all settled except for the door gifts. Finally got the time to pack all the “unwanted/spare” collaterals from various departments since my boss is on a business trip.

My Messy Desk filled with collaterals

From Left

To Center

To Right

& All the way to the floor!

70 door gifts to pack & each door gift consists of 8 items.. Pack until backache.. So i’ve decided to take a rest and take some pics.. Hee

Door Gift…

 i know, its nothing fantastic, but still better than nothing right?
Had a had time requesting for all these collaterals -_-“

 My favourite item among all

This is my favourite item among all 8! And it is the only 2008 Collateral, the rest are way before 2008! In a dilema now, don’t know which color to choose, all looks nice! i like all but i can only have 1…. and after much consideration, i chose Green !

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