Its Friday and i have yet to decide on that night’s program. Saw an event notification via facebook – Lunar Coyote Dancer Launch Free Flow Party. Seems pretty interesting, so we (Me, Baoling, Violet, Patricia, Serene x2)  decided to go.

Went for dinner at Long John Silver @ Central as all other restaurants were very packed, everywhere long queue. Sianz… After dinner, we head straight to Lunar and i have to say, the door bitch at Lunar was real BITCHY !!!

It was very pack, especially the BAR Counter as they have free flow till 11pm – thats what the ad says, BUT, its not true! They stopped serving at 10plus, but anyway, the drinks sux… We ordered Vodka Cranberry but cant even taste any Vodka in it! Saw the dancers, only a few of them can make it.. The crowd is pretty boring too, no handsome guys, ah bengs and uncles a lot…. Sianz… So, we decided to move on to the next venue – Nana.

This is the first time Violet, Serene L and Baoling stepped into a THD. Apparently Violet and Baoling didnt quite like the place so they left for Velvet 😦 Luckily i still have the 2 Serenes, Kaiwen & his colleagues to accompany me, Violet came back to Nana at 1am too 🙂 So as usual, its party time!

Me & My 6 yrs buddy, Kaiwen

Thats me and Serene C

 Me & Violet


Me & Serene L

Taken in the toilet… And obviously the photographer Violet is smoking lor..

My dear Serene L went nutz when she saw the singer, keep telling me he’s so handsome… So i suddenly got an idea, and that is to get the singer to take photos with the gals… Actually, its not just Serene L who went nutz when the singer was here, Serene C went nutz too.. keep telling me she wants to take a pic with the singer! So, cam whoring session starts… but too bad, we were seated too near the stage, so its a bit smoky ~~



I think the singer smile until cramp liao… Surrounded by a bunch of crazy girls.. lol

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