Shop-eat-drink day

Met up with Violet at Far east yesterday evening. Went shopping – sorry its Violet who went shopping, i can only window shop… 😦 Broke liao lah!

Decided to go for dinner at Taka Sushi Teh, but super long queue lor.. Sianz, hate going out on weekends coz everywhere also pack. Ended up at TCC… A must eat at TCC – Garlic prawn pasta… 

Erm, this is a bit special coz Violet gave me all her prawns

And i gave her all my tomatoes

Went to Cosmo Bar after dinner and we ordered a bot of red wine… It has been a long time since both of us sat down and talk. We chatted for like 3 or 4 hours about everything, feels great! Maybe we should organize more catch up sessions in future! 

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