going green ? or cost cutting?

My company has recently came up with a “going” green campaign and that is – removal of all personal waste paper baskets! They will in turn, place common dustbins at certain locations of each level. But to my horror, the common “dustbin” is equivalent to the waste paper basket we have in the past!

In the past, cleaners will clear our waste paper basket twice a day, morning and afternoon. But things have changed? I have a colleague who is seated near the common dustbin area, and she has been complaining that the cleaner only clears the “dustbin” once a day at 9:45am? This is so unhygenic! Just imagine food was left overnight!

Is this method really workable? Going Green? Or cost cutting!?

So guys, count yourself lucky if you still have the luxury of dumping your waste so conveniently. Unlike us, we have to walk so far to throw something.. Just imagine you have a running nose and how many times have you gotta walk to dump your tissues?

So.. Dump as much rubbish as you can before your waste paper basket is gone, like mine!

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