Just another day

Met ~SL~ for dinner yesterday @ Parklane and we had the famous  炸云吞面… Havent been to that place for donkey years… The last time i went was during secondary school days when we skipped classes? Building still the same, not much changes, boring shops as usual except that the billard salon is gone! Thats the one and only reason you’ll see me at Parklane and since its gone, i doubt ill ever go there again?


Our original plan after dinner was to go clubbing (Ladies night mah)and after that Nana… But by the time we finished our dinner, it was already 8pm. So we cancelled our clubbing plans and went shopping instead… And guess what, we went to This Fashion @ Macdonald house!

“走了一段很长的路才到达Macdonald House 因为有人要小便!! 更惨的是, 一路走过Long John, Citibank, 都找不到厕所! 结果走到Dhoby Ghaut MRT但还是没厕所!?!?问了人后才知道Sakae Sushi隔壁有厕所!就这样我们又从Plaza Sing走回Macdonald House. 累死我了!”

You must be thinking i damn cheapo right? Shopping at This Fashion !?!? I used to have the same mindset until i saw a dress ~SL~ wore. It looks expensive & nice but its cheap lor, $30 over only. And on top of that, they are having 50% sales now lor… So off we went. It was the first time i stepped into the shop, its damn big lor, 3 levels. I ended up getting a pink spaghetti top and ~SL~, 3 bra straps…

Next Stop: Nana!

With: Kelvin, Jeff, ~SL~ & Me!

Victim of the night: ~SL~!

It was pretty fun last night, as usual. ~SL~ was the happiest of coz. Jeff teased ~SL~ by buying flowers for ~K~ and said it was from her. My dear ~SL~ was so embarrassed, but i think she likes it lor, got chance to talk/take photo with ~K~, and even got his MSN!



“如果让野兽看见这篇部落格, 她一定想立刻把我杀了, 我还是不说了. Zip!”

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