niTeOut again…

Was supposed to meet the gang  & Keng for seafood dinner after my driving lessons, but got cancelled coz we couldn’t get Keng. End up having Bah Kut Teh @ Balestier. And we only had our dinner at 9:30pm becoz of the 2 bz men?

After dinner, we went Nana again! OMG, this place is like my 3rd home now, apart from my real home and office!

Quite pissed off with the Manager @Nana becoz we reached at 10:42PM and they didnt allow us to get the bot of Martell at happy hour rate. Happy hour ends at 10:30 PM, only 12 mins difference? And happy hour rate for Martell is $178, after that would be $218 ?? $40 difference? 杀人放火!

“本来可以10:30PM到的, 但是有人去大便!”

Not very happening yesterday, maybe we were all worn out! Chionging 2 days straight is no longer suitable for “old” people like us. As Kelvin a.k.a 冷先生 was very tired, both he and ~SC~ left at about 1:00 AM. Me, Jeff & ~SL~ left at 2:00 AM? Cannot remember.

Thats 冷先生 and ~SC~

 Act stupid

Act cool

Sigh, feeling so tired now. Wanna sleep but can’t. And i have just received another email from Ivy jio-ing Nana this Saturday. Pengz!



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