A long day

It was a long night @ Nana, partied till 5am, and Serene still dun wanna go off lor! i wanna fall asleep liao. Many of us were there last night, we have Jayson, Jeff, Edmund, Qi Chang, Ivy, Serene C, Serene L. We ordered a total of 3 bots last night.

My dear Serene L was real fun last night, coz this might be the last time she will be joining me and my friends at Nana… She really enjoyed herself to the fullest lor… Had a great time playing with the 3 male singers!

As for me, still the same, i like to play guessing games, watch the singers sing, running around different tables getting friends to drink. The SereneS and Ivy were so worried that ill get drunk and keep coming to look for me when i was at other tables lor… SIgh.. Trust me pls, i can handle =)

As for Serene C and Ivy, i only recall them playing games with Jeff and Jayson, and drinking real fast! Oh ya, both of them were so happy coz they managed to take pics with the handsome Keng lor!

Keng & Serene C

Ivy & Keng

Serene L, Ah Pan & Me.

Pan & Serene C

Pan & Ivy

 Ok, all for now, gotta prepare to go out already, its my brother’s birthday celebration @ Boat Quay. Shag!

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