my brother’s 21st bday..

Celebrated my brother’s 21st birthday last Saturday whereby the actual day is today, 28th April. His birthday wish this year is to have a PSP and he got it… Proudly sponsored by my uncle, my sister and me. 

Die, this month gonna eat grass liao. IC havent do, still need to pay for circuit fees. i have to pay $50 over for a single lesson, and i have 2 lessons per week!?

Celebrated his birthday at Shebang, only a few of us were there, a mini family gathering. Havent been to KTV with my brother for quite some time, at least 6 months? OMG, my sis & I were shocked to hear my brother sing! Coz , his singing is really not bad !!! Both me and my sis came up with a conclusion, the ppl in our family, really can sing and drink =)

Thats my bro and his gf, picture a bit blurr… thanks to the kuku photographer!

Asked my bro to take a photo with us and he gave us such a pose!

If he really wanna commit suicide










We can help him with it!

Alright, all for now… gonna go for my lung excersice before i start work!

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