My dearest Lassie

My dear Lassie is seriouly ill, most of his internal organs are not functioning already… He hasnt eaten for 6 days, and doctor says he’s likely to go anytime.

Everyone of us in the family loves him very much. He’s very tame, clever and listens to our instructions very well.

This is my dog when he was young

There is one incident which really frightens me, even until now… So afraid of losing him! I was walking him at Aljunied Crescent where my grandma stays.. Suddenly, a cat came running towards our direction and Lassie was so afraid that he ran away. I was shocked, i couldnt find him as we were at an open space carpark… Everywhere was parked with cars, i cant see him at all! Finally, after searching for a long time, Lassie was sitting at the market waiting for us, and you know what, that is the table where my dad will always be seated at! Aint he clever !?

I still remember him fetching us keys when we were home, jumping from my sister’s bed to mine, jumping from sofa to the floor, chasing after us when we were riding bicycle, snatching other kid’s ball when he saw them playing football, staying by my side & licking my tears away whenever i was feeling down and crying in the room.

During Chinese New Year, Lassie will get Ang Pows from my parents, like we do! My dad will tie an ang pow at his tail, and when he wags his tail, you can see the ang pow swaying from left to right.

I seriously have no idea how life will be without him at home. My Mum & Dad will be very sad, and same goes for my sis, bro & me.

We have ever thought of putting him to sleep to end his misery, but we seriously cant bear to do it. He cant even barely walk now. Seeing my poor dog in this state really breaks our heart, especially when we see him tearing.


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