Why chinese shouldn’t have christian names

Why Chinese shouldn’t have Christian names:

Anne Chang: (Mandarin)-Dirty

Anne Chin: (Mandarin) – Keep quiet

Faye Chen: (Mandarin) – Dusty

Carl Cheng: (Hokkien) – Buttock

Monica Cheng: (Hokkien) – Touching your buttocks

Lucy Leow: (Hokkien) – You are dead

Jane Tan: (Mandarin) – Frying eggs

Suzie Leow: (Hokkien) – Lost till death

Henry Mah: (Mandarin) – Hate your mum

Corrine Tai: (Hokkien) – Poor fellow

Paul Chan: (Mandarin) – Bankrupt

Nelson Tan: (Mandarin) – Bird Laying Egg

Leslie Tong: (Mandarin) – Rubbish bin

Carmen Teng: (Hokkien) – Leg hair long

Connie Mah: (Cantonese) – Call your mother

Danny See: (Hokkien) – Squeeze you to death

Rosie Teng: (Hokkien) – Screws and nails

Pete Tsai: (Hokkien) – Nose droppings

Macy Koh: (Cantonese) – Never die before

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