R.I.P Our Dearest Lassie – May 10, 2008

Went down to the veterinary clinic on Saturday with my parents, brother, sister & brother-in-law. We were all hoping to bring Lassie home since he was ok on both Thurs and Fri. But to our horror, his condition turned bad! Lassie actually vomitted blood four times on Friday! He can no longer sit/stand/walk, he looks so tired. Tears rolled down our cheeks when we saw Lassie in this state, we all know that we have to let him go…

Was at the clinic since 12noon. Spoke to the vet in charge and he had advised to let Lassie go since his condition isnt improving much. We already knew this would happen when we saw Lassie. Spent 3 hours at the clinic accompanying our dearest… We really cant bear to let him go, he is already part of our family!


May 10, 2008

  Rest in peace my dear, you will always be in our heart, no matter how far apart we are.

Don’t worry, we’ll see you again and we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

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