Sickening Auntie @ Work!

Sick Sick Sick!

I happened to read a note from my auntie to my mgr, about her additional job scope. I was getting more and more angry when i read on because, most of the things she has listed were done by me, NOT her.

Take this recent scrapbook for instance, it was supposed to be a gift for an exec who got promoted in end Feb, my boss asked her to do it! She only asked me to start doing in late april? And now u are rushing me to complete it, whereby you have not even completed a single piece, wtf!!!! I can help you, but can u help to complete it and not PUSHING me to complete it for you ! #@%@$

I seriously hate this Auntie at times. She is really IRRITATING !

For instance, if you tell her you are feeling cold, she will say: “Maybe ppl complained that its hot, thats why they lowered the temperature”. BUT, if she ask me if im cold and i said no, she will say, shes feeling SICK!

She likes to seek other’s opinion at times, but pls.. knowing her, its best for you to say u have no opinion BECAUSE, at end of they day, she will still think that her suggestion is still the BEST.  Have attempted to argue with her, but its just a waste of time, because she will start all her old grandmother story to explain why she has such a sugestion and finally ending with.. so i think my initial suggestion is still the best. Knn!

I havent finished complaining and shes pushing me to do it again. Grrr… “Si Lao Char Bor!”

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