I PASSED !!!!!

My Class 3 License!!!

Felt so nervous yesterday. I went into the circuit before the test and i was so nervous that i actually knocked down one of the poles when i did my parallel parking. Oh my god, that was the first time i actually bang down the pole. Start to panic liao!

The first thing that the tester tested me was the directional change. I was very confident in this coz i never had problems b4. But who knows, i actually reversed too fast and my tyre hit the kerb.. I was like, this time sure fail liao and best part… my car stalled!!!

So then i continued with all the crank course, slope with the “Sure fail” attitude… and in the end, i actually performed better. Guess i was just too stressed up! Soon after i completed my S-crank and parallel parking, the tester told me to drive out to the main road.

So in the end, ive gotten 16 demerit point.. and its a pass!


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