Mani & Pedi

I’ve been wanting to try out purple color but the shop that i frequent does not have the purple i want.

Finally got what i wanted at JB last Friday!

& I’m lurving it!





*I know my toes look funny*

Wanted to get the same design done for my hands, but the nails of my right pointer finger is too short….

So, i got it done in this way





Am very happy with the color and design and it only costs me less than RM 100.00

If i have a chance to go to JB again, i’ll make sure i get my nails done again!

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One Response to Mani & Pedi

  1. Tisha says:

    Wow Omg. Im like 13 and i got into nail art and well.
    Im going to this summer holidays acctivity thing And well If you have any pics of Nail art
    Can you send them to me please
    I really need them 🙂

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