Monster @ Home

The Monster @ Home
He Bites!
Green Eyed Monster

Green Eyed Monster!

Dont be fooled by his innocent looks!

Blurry Monster

Acting Blur

Stealing my champange?

Stealing my champange?

When he’s alone, he starts scouting!

Loves to hide under the bed!

Favourite Hideout!

I seriously dont understand why he likes to hide under the bed!

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One Response to Monster @ Home

  1. hoh says:

    what a sweetie!
    and you got on yr knees to take the one under the bed
    [it’s his domain – every where else yr the alpha dog!]
    so fluffy too

    if you want to post the above pls delete this unliess you think it will add ro yr blog!

    hi there
    i got yr link from your wordpress support forum post
    Gray Image Borders (3 posts) 1ynn Member Jul 15, 2008, 6:21 PM

    Why are there image borders? I havent experiece that before. Is it auto?

    Why are there different width for the gray borders.
    How do i standardize it?


    pls wont you let me know how you got rid of the grey borders
    i want to get rid of them
    before i could get rid of the blue border but those codes no longer work
    spent at least an hr trying to solve this one
    all the best to you
    hoh321 [at]
    [pls don’t show my email address!]
    those crazies out there!

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