Autosports 21.07.08

Its Auto on Monday again, all thanks to my brother-in-law. Sis dragged us out on Monday coz her hubby had to work OT. But nevertheless, we had an enjoyable night!

Victims of the night: Joaelle & friend (cant remember his name) & me of coz!

Supposed to meet at Golden Cafe at 6:45pm and i thought i was late coz i reached at 7:00pm. God knows, they were all later than me. Oh man, they are all working near town area and they are still later than me!

Punishment: One glass for being 10 mins late. Joaelle had a glass and my sis, 3 glasses!

Pretty boring when we first reached coz there werent many customers, so we played Jackpot. A pretty stupid game, but one thing for sure is, everyone sure gets to drink!

And as usual, when im getting a little high, ill start cam-whoring





My very cooperative brother-in-law

My uncooperative sister

Me & Von

Didnt manage to get a shot of Joaelle and friend except this

We had fun that night, but it was a torture for Joaelle and me on the following day. Suffering from headache! We’re gonna quit drinking on weekdays!

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