Bangkok Trip 28.07.08 – 31.07.08

It has been a long time since i went for a holiday.. The last trip was to Hongkong in April 2007. Well, its really expensive to travel, i spent SGD 700 on buying clothes/gifts/food and drinks alone!

Took the 6plus morning flight on 28th morning, straight after the 3 days chalet, Shag!

This was basically a sleep-eat-shop-eat-shop-massage-drinks-shop-sleep trip!

My second meal at TH airport on 28th morning. Taste awful!



Our Hotel


Not Westin la, not so rich, its a small hotel behind Westin!




De Luxury, which is NOT luxurious at all! It looks totally different from the Internet!

Even the boutique hotel opposite looks much more Better!



First time taking their train services!

Kns, i seldom take mrt when im in Sg, go to BKK still take mrt whereby their cab is so dirt cheap!



Times Square

Saw this pianist playing the piano at this ulu shopping center, it is like a dead town, don’t understand whom he’s playing for!

Nothing to do when i was smoking outside, so i shot the cables.. Just imagine a bird being electrocuted on a rainy day… I think it will be quite funny…. badz badz maru!


Siam Paragon

A very posh shopping center, they’ve got car showrooms on Lvl 3. I saw the Lamborghini showroom but on the window pane, it says – For Members Only. Kns, wanted to take a pic of the car but after i saw the signage, i turned away!

Saw this cutie shark in Serdeya position!

Wanted to go to the Siam Ocean World but i find it rather expensive.. SGD 40 per entry… So i dropped the idea…


Our day 2 Breakfast

We woke up early in the morning, looking forward to a sumptuous breakfast and this was what was served




Pathetic Right! See already also sian ½ ! Still try to be creative (Giving me a smiling face) but sorry lor, not cute at all !!

And because i had an unsatisfying breakfast, i had another round of breakfast at Macdonalds!



Central Word

Another huge shopping center!

From left…


To right…

 My sis says the bra is cheap, but its local brand. True la, its cheap for her but not for me coz their bra doesn’t suit me at all!


Night Bazaar

I love this water feature! Its nice!



Korean BBQ

Out most satisfying meal!

Backpacker Chan

Thanks to my brother-in-law for being the bag boy!!!


A Shock

I always thought that i can only see elephants in the zoo and i was shocked when i saw this ele!

We fed the elephant with sugarcane at TB 20 per pack..



I came with a half filled luggage in blue and i went back with one additional luggage!

Our Luggage – Does it look like luggage for sale?

Sigh, i have yet to unpack my luggage! Will update more when i unpack!

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