Chalet @ East Coast 25.07.08 – 27.07.08

It has been a long time since I updated my blog. Been really busy for the past 1 week!

First, it was chalet at East Coast. Its really not easy to organise a chalet as there are lots of prep work to be done 😦 Job was made even tougher when you have to cater food specially for the Malays. Not only that, you have to estimate the number of attendees and then come up with a list of things to buy, and lastly, to buy the things!

Initially, we thought of going “halal” for the sake of the Malays.. BUT! what is BBQ without Taiwan Sausages! They are my favourites! So, we ended with 2 pits, one halal and one, non-halal. Sigh, this means, i gotta buy extra set of tongs, brushes, mesh, butter, etc… Well, we just have to respect the Malay culture.

Let us now take a look at the phtos taken (not many photos taken though)!

Halal food catered specially for the Malay folks

Well this isn’t all we had… I should say, we have great variety of food!

Halal: Chicken Wings, Satay, Otah, Yakitori, Sotong Ball, Sambal Sotong, Prawns, Sambal Stingray, Hotdog, Cheese Hotdog, Chicken Fillet, Cream Puffs

Non-Halal: Taiwan Suasages, Pork Fillet, Bacon, Ham, Pork Balls

Drinks: Tiger Beer, Heineken, Red Wine, Champange, Martell, Coke, Green Tea, Ribena, Rose Syrup & Tap Water!!!


Everyone was busy bbq-ing


While the two were happily chit chatting :p


Its Mahjong Session!

Nbz, they all wanna play minimum 50 cent 1 dollar, so no choice, all those “small legs” gotta find partners, including me!

Jayson stressed -_-“

Played 2 rounds in total, my partner & me won $200 odds! Continued with Blackjack after Mahjong, and we won another $200 odd!


Some randon pictures shot by Nette

and last but not least…. my favourite Vivi!

Thats about it for Day 1..

No pics taken on Day 2.. and i lost $100 odds being the banker for Blackjack! Nvm, i still made $100 profit!

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