Desaru, im coming!

 Been so busy this week!

Still havent unpack my luggage for the BKK trip!

And im leaving for Desaru with 8 other friends tonight!

Hm.. its my first time there…Dunno whats fun over there. Saw the following sporting facilities over the net




Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking


Ultra Light Aircraft



Motor Boat

Jet Ski



I wanna try the jet ski, but i dunno how to swim!

Wanna try the ultra light aircraft  but im afraid of heights!

Archery, Go-kart and canoe try b4 liao, mountain biking, not interested 😦


They also have Team Building Programme but i doubt my friends will be interested


 Anyway, not sure if Desaru is really that fantastic. I will never trust the pics on the net ever sine the DELuxury experience.

See how it goes.. Gotta go and buy my insect repellent liao. Ciaoz!


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