Desaru 08.08.08 – 09.08.08

Driving trip to Desaru on Friday night, a total of 7 pax in 2 cars. There were 2 more ppl who were joining us supposedly, but then.. dunno what happened, so 1 car less. Im not the driver for sure, coz i’m a P-Plate!!! Quite a good trip, i had fun!

The view was nice, the beach was nice, the waves i like! One thing which was really disappointing was the chalet, really very run-down!







Our chalet. Looks ok on the outside but run down on the inside.

The view outside our chalet.

This is nice.. See a heart shape?

Squirrel spotted. And we fed it with Pringles


The Views…



 The Morning Swim @ 10:00am


& The Shy Boy Man

Me & Jessie


Time to check-out




Eileen vs. Jessie vs. Me

Jayson vs. Jeff


Ah Yong vs. Kelvin


Ostrich Farm

Baby Ostrich and the special breed


Feeding the ostrich with corn


According to the staff, male ostrich “rides” on the female, hence causing the feather loss! So now you know how to differentiate between the male & female ya…

One of the few ostrich that gets to roam freely. Its tall!

The sitting ostrich

Ostrich Eggs

Demo of opening the ostrich egg



Its huge, isnt it !? Its equivalent to 20 normal eggs!!





You’ve seen the baby ostrich, adult ostrich, ostrich eggs






And now, its their poo poo.. Looks like grenade ya.. almost stepped on it!

Oh ya.. i caught “Joaelle” eating rambutans at the Ostrich Farm too.

A good trip, but its a bit too short! I havent had enough fun! I missed the beach, the waves, the sand, i missed everything over there!

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2 Responses to Desaru 08.08.08 – 09.08.08

  1. Dorothy says:

    The chalet looks even worse then DeLuxury 😡

  2. 1ynn says:

    Yea man. U should take a look at the inside. Its so run down until i dun even wish to take a pic of it! But the beach is nice lah…

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