Buffet Dinner @ Shangri-la, 14.08.08

Went for dinner at The Line last Thursday.


Oysters, Salmon, Crabbies all free flow! Slurpp..

Saw two angmohs getting a dozen of oysters each.. meaning 24 oysters in total ok !!! I think the guy who was opening the oysters also open until du lan. End up, the ang mohs didnt even finish the oysters lor!!

Champange after the dinner and cock-talking till 10:30pm!

This is a $42.00+++ Fish & Chips. Who in the hell would order that ?!?!? And it looks normal to me except that it comes with 7 different kinds of sauces, which includes tomato, chilli, tar tar and dunno wat else!

And as usual, the cooperative vs. the uncooperative

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