Long Sunday…

Went for “breakfast” at my favourite Dim Sum Restaurant located Shaw House — East Ocean yesterday!

The tastiest egg tarts i ever had in Singapore! Try it and i’m sure you will lurve it like i do!

Went shopping @ Far East after that and im $160 poorer !!!! Bought 2 pairs of heels, a pair of jeans and i went for mani pedi! (Shall upload my goodies when i got the time to unpack k!)

Went to Golden Mile at 5plus to purchase my mum’s birthday gift — a trip for 2 to Genting via coach.  Total cost for this trip is $382, luckily its shared by my sis and me! And i am now $191 poorer, which makes it $351 in total!

 Im BROKE… Eating grass soon! Any kind souls out there who’s willing to make a donation to my pocket ?

 Went home for dinner at about 7pm. Watched the ping pong game, Singapore vs. China till about 8pm and i’m off to another Seventh month dinner at Punggol. Dinner ended at 11pm and…

We’re off to Punggol Marina for Prawn Fishing! About 10 of us, 5 cars in total and guys are always guys… They started racing when we were on our way to Punggol! Damn it, so dangerous!

Only managed to shoot this at the traffic light junction. A bit blurr though.

We took 3 rods for 1.5 hrs and Stupid pond, so hard to fish and its more expensive than Pasir Ris Farmway!

At the end of the day, we only got 5 prawns and




NOTE: 2 of the prawns were caught by Eileen and me. The rest of the three were “Scooped” up one ok!

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