A gift from my sis

She has been telling me she made me a box for me to keep my earrings in place and this is what it is






The first reaction that i had when i saw this, i was like “Er, so this is what it is? I thought it was some kind of handicraft boxes + decor… End up, u BOUGHT the box and just stick on the decors?”

Ok lah, i noe it takes time to search for all these little decors, and its really a headache when you have to think of how you wanna design the box.. Your service not bad liao lah, still help me to arrange my earrings.. haha.. Thanks huh :p

Looks nice on the outside, but when u open up the box, a bit “Bo(3) Say (3)” leh, because i can see that you use double side tape to stick it, and your double side tape abit yellowish lor, keep v long liao issit!

Why dont you try out those adhesive tape? There are many different kinds though.. The adhesive can be one whole strip like correction tape, it could be in bars (see the red one below), and it could even be in pokka dots. Its really sticky and the best thing is its not very visible. It looks something like that.




Dunno how to describe to u in detail, u may want to check out this website.

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2 Responses to A gift from my sis

  1. hoh says:

    what a wonderful sister you have
    and i see you have reall zootie heels too!

  2. Great sister you got there.

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