Fire Drill

Shit! Of all days, they chose to have a fire drill today!

As my AP GM is in town this morning, i had to dress formal, and so, i decided to wear my new heels




And now… my feet is so damn pain (3 blisters on my toes) after walking down the stairs from the 6th storey, and all the way to Expo, and all the way back to office!

The Crowd

Nothing to do when i was walking back, so i secretly snapped some pics using my phone!


 Sigh, luckily they only have the drill once or twice a year, else i sure faint.

I still remember the time when i was working at 30th floor at Shaw Tower… Luckily i always get tips as to when the drill will happen. So ill always go down 10mins before the drill to escape from walking down the stairs. 30 floors leh, not 3 floors ok !!

But sad to say, such privileges cannot be found here. Sigh 😦

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