A Change…

Hm.. What change??







deng deng deng deng!

I cut my fringe again & New hair color!


Ah Bee strongly recommended that i let my fringe down, but look like “sha gua” leh. What do you think?

Was so bored when i had to sit still for an hour plus, so i took this!

Went to Tampines Mall with Mum and brother after that coz my bro wants to get a new phone, and guess what, i am $50 poorer again, coz i chipped in for his LG KU990!

Kaoz, my phone so “ko-ya” i still havent change lor.

There goes my off day today!

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2 Responses to A Change…

  1. Nicole says:

    Hey, I like your new hair! Its nice lei. Think I gonna cut my fringe too! 🙂

  2. 1ynn says:

    Hehe Thanks! 🙂

    It took me lots of courage to cut off my fringe in the past too.. but thank god, i havent regretted! 🙂

    So, try it!

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