Joaelle’s Birthday Celebration 29.08.08

It’s Joaelle’s birthday!

And we had a birthday dinner at Waraku @ Central.

Me and sis had our usual favourite… Tenzaru!

Presented to Joaelle her birthday watch and our handmade gifts… i just cant wait to see the reaction she has!

 Next stop, Autosports!

It was a long walk to Boat Quay as we were all too full to walk! Wanted to cut through Shin Bar to Auto, but paiseh, so no choice… continue to walk and its one BIG round.

 First loser of the day, coz she got a “9”! Oh ya, we are playing a game called “7-8-9”. Meaning, whoever gets a 7, you get to pour anything into the glass, “8” you shall drink half of whatever is in the glass, and “9” you finish up whatever is in the glass!



A toast to the Birthday girl!

Can u spot the thorn among the roses?



Its Cam Whoring time!


This Ah Pui… Made me take the same shot for so many times  coz his eyes are simply too small to be seen! And i eventually gave up taking a “norm” pic with him!


Its Cake Cutting time!

And a little joke for our birthday gal! Tada!! Aint she cute !?


Bunny made to drink!


Cam whoring with the Bunnies!


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