My Brilliant sis

Went to JB on Sunday afternoon, and Woodlands checkpoint is still as jam as ever @#%$. Got stuck for an hour at least!

It was the usual shop-eat-shop-eat. We reached City square at about 4 plus and moved to Holiday Plaza and continued shopping till 9pm and we headed for dinner at Lucky Seafood Restaurant, opposite 大马花园.

We had cereal prawns, sharks fin, hor fun, sambal kangkong, frog leg, crabs! The horfun was extremely nice & so were the crabbies!

It was about 10plus when we finished our dinner and my brilliant sister had a suggestion. Shall we book a room to watch The Young Warriors 少年杨家将.


So we headed to Mutiara to book a room and watched tv. Wa kao, rent dvd also cheaper right!

Watched tv till about 2 am and finally lights off,

& because we have limited pillows, see what my brilliant sis did again… she  called this Banana Boating!

I jumped up to take this shot when it was pitch dark ok!! Coz i think its real funny!!

Woke up at 6am in the morning and rushed home to change and off to work!


All thanks to my brilliant sis!

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