A mistake!

It was a mistake to send my mum to Genting! 😡

I had to take care of this stupid monster for 2 days!!!

I knocked off at 6:20pm today, reached home at 7pm. The moment i stepped into my house, i started to spot check for any urine or poo poos! And in deed, this Monster peed and shit in the kitchen! So then i thought i should just let him out to the living room and i started cleaning the kitchen and washed the floor rags since it was all stained with the smelly urine.

When i walked to the living room, i found another 2 piles of shit and a pool of urine! OMG, i had to clean again. By the time i cleared his shit, it was already 745pm. Only then did i start cooking my own dinner!

Stupid dog! From 7pm – 11pm, u peed 5 times, and shit twice! Gr….

Been staying at my place for half a year liao still dunno how to go to the toilet!!!



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