Nana 06.09.08

Its Keng and Pan’s last day @ Nana!

Super pack that night, luckily i booked a table beforehand! Met up with Serene, Roger, Jeff, Kaiwen and gang, Nicky and gang!

It was an unforgettable touching night! While Keng was singing his last set, tears rolled down his cheeks, followed by Pan. Many of us started tearing too…

Time flies, i have known them for 6 months. They have been a great company, especially Keng.

We’re gonna miss them!

A toast to them before they leave for BKK and enthusiastic Keng trying to get everyone to drink!

Can you see someone holding on to my hand when i was drinking? It was Kaiwen!!! Trying to lift the bottle higher so that i drink more!


Some random pics taken




With Serene & Roger Labbit


With Serene and Kaiwen



With our all time favorite Keng, Serene, Jeff and Nicky!


 Now that they are gone, its time to quit Nana!

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