Bad day

Sep 18 – Bad day for me!

Couldnt get to sleep last night, only fell asleep at 6:30am in the morning, hence, had to take half a day urgent leave before i faint in the office.

Woke up at 12 noon, and started washing up. As i was about to leave home, it started raining!

At 1plus, i went down to the cafe to buy lunch. Ordered a potato curry puff but they gave me a chicken curry puff!

Knocked off at 6pm.. then i drove home and banged into the wall when i was trying to park.

Went out to meet my friend at 10pm. Was driving on ecp and as i was about to reach the camera, i slowed down to 70km/h on the 2nd lane. And out of sudden, i got high beamed by a cab. So i got a shock ad stepped on the accelerator. The next thing i know is, ive drove passed the camera at 90km/h!!! The speed limit is 70km/h lor! Shit, am i gonna lose my license?

Reached Live Impact at 10:30pm. It was getting a little hot, so i took off my jacket and left it on the table. At 12plus, when we were leaving for Nana, i took my jacket and realised it was wet!

Left Nana at 2:30am, the moment i came out from the multi storey carpark, i mount kerb!

Reached home at 3am, no carpark, so i had to shoot all the way to rooftop. Just as i was walking to the stairs, i realised i forgot to put coupon. So i Double L, had to walk back.

I’m really DAMN UNLUCKY today lor!!!

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