More products recalled due to tainted milk



Grocery Product Recall Form

Product Name Item Code
Rabbit Milk Sweet 150g 38055
Youcan Unusual Multipack 4s 134136
Youcan Stawberry Multipack  134138
Youcan Traditional Sesame Multipack 4s 134141
Youcan Passion Multipack 134140
Youcan Masterbean Multipack 134139
Youcan Silk Sliced and Passion Strawberry 134137
Monmilk Breakfast Milkmalt 6s    135154
Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut 6s 135155
Monmilk Breakfast Milk Malt      135156
Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut    135157
Monmilk Chocolate Milk 6s        135472
Monmilk Coffee Milk 6s           135473
Monmilk Hi Cal Low Fat           154697
Monmilk Pure Milk                154698
Monmilk Hi Cal Milk              143948
Monmilk Hi Cal Milk 6s           143951
Monmilk Pure Milk 6s             143950
Monmilk Hi Cal Low Fat Milk 6s   143952
Monmilk Hi Cal Low Fat Milk      143949
Monmilk Pure Milk                143947
Monmilk Milk Deluxe 12s          154696
Yili Pure Milk 1L 155079
Yili Hi Cal Milk 1L 155080
Yili Hi Cal Low Fat Milk 1L 155081
Yili Pure Milk 6s 250ml 155082
Yili Hi Cal Milk 6s 250ml 155083
Yili Hi Cal Low Fat Milk 6s 250ml 155084
Want Want Flavoured Milk 250ml 21726
Snicker Candies Funsize 240g 550103
M&M Chocolate Candies Plain 200g 550108
M & M Chocolate Peanut 200g 550107
Lotte Koala Cocoa  Funpack 210g 56764
Koala Cocoa Biscuit 40g 136492
Orion Fresh Pie 138g 240767
Orion Tiramisu 138g 152948
Vitasoy Q Soya Milk 4s 125ml 60408
Vitasoy Chocolate Drink 4s 125ml 60409
Vitasoy Melon Soya Bean Milk 4s 125ml 235906
Dreyers Rocky Road Ice Cream 887ml 14281
Dreyers Strawberry Ice Cream 887ml 165294
Dreyers Toast Almond Ice Cream 887ml 106487
Dreyers Choc Cake Ice Cream 887ml 153969
Dreyers Cookie & Cream Ice Cream 887ml 14283
Dreyers Mint Chip Ice Cream 887ml 106486
Dreyers Vanilla Ice Cream 887ml 14282
Nestle               Nes D/Stick Mini Vanilla 105115
Nestle               Nes Distick Mini Choco   105116
Meiji                Ujikintoki 2978          455016
Meiji                Umakabo Chocolate        455017
Meiji                Family Pack-Green Tea    144101
Meiji                Chestnut & Redbean       106129
Bairong              Grape Cream Crackers     116634
First Choice         Calcium Sesame Crackers  102042
First Choice         Calcium Saltine Crackers 102043
First Choice         Calcium S Onion Crackers 112010
First Choice         Calcium Seaweed Crackers 112011
Ginbis               Party Animal Butter Bisc 136143
Ginbis               Party Animal Seaweed Bis 136144
Ginbis               Party Animal Cnut        136145
Ginbis               Animal Biscuit           236531
Kraft                Oreo Wafer Sticks 18s    103967
Kraft                Oreo Wafer Sticks 5s     123926
Kraft                Oreo W/Stick Wh Choc 18s 154881
Kraft                Oreo W/Stick Wh Choc 5s  154882
Nabisco              In A Biskit Chicken      153702
No Frills            Wafer Blueberry          154712
No Frills            Wafer Chocolate          154713
No Frills            Wafer Peanut             154714
Pei Tian             Cream Biscuit            115554
Silang               Natural Oat Cracker      142256
Dove                 H/Nut Alm & Raisin Choc  61737
Dove                 Hazelnut Choc            61739
Dove                 Milk Chocolate           61740
M&M                  Choc Candies Plain%      550105
M&M                  Choc Candies Peanut%     550106
M&M                  Choc Candies-Plain       550098
M&M                  Choc Candies-Peanuts     550099
M&M                  Funsize Milk             163864
M&M                  Funsize Peanut           163865
Mentos               Bottle Yoghurt Promo Pk  12526
Mentos               Bottle Yoghurt           145161
Snickers             Peanut Chocolate%        550102
Snickers             Snacksize Bars Pnut 5    163863
Want Want            Milk Candy               105504
Take One             Baby Bites 24s           64602
Take One             Baby Bite Ck Vg          116159
Take One             Baby Bite Carrot         163319
Nestle               Milk & Berry Stars Crl   153852
Dutch Lady           Ster M Lf Banana         151226
Dutch Lady           Ster Mk Lf Plain         151227
Dutch Lady           Ster Mk Lf Choc          151228
Dutch Lady           Ster Mk Lf Sberry        151229
Dutch Lady           Ster M Lf Hnydew         151230
Dutch Lady           Ster M Lf Hnydew         166490
Dutch Lady           Ster Milk Plain          739008
Dutch Lady           Ster Mk Lf Choc          739009
Dutch Lady           Ster Mk Lf Sberry        739018
Dutch Lady           Ster M Lf Banana         739019
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