Bus Lane for show?

Shit, bus lanes from Tampines to ITE @ Simei.. Dunno the exact road name though.

It took me 10 mins from home to office in the past! But with the bus lane now, it took me 20mins becoz of the stupid jams! @#$@%#^$#@!@

A 3 lane road, becomes a 2 lane road. !@$#@!%

The FUNNY thing is, the bus lane – i dunno what it is for! Not many buses on the road! Throughout the whole journey, i only see 1 SBS Bus, and 2 private buses. Wtf!

Its a waste of time and money for people who drives and take taxis. It only benefits the few who takes buses????

Take a look at the pictures and you will know what i mean! (Picture quality not v good though)







The Jams!

And some rich-ass decided to take the express lane! 4 points and $150 if you are snapped (i hoped i remember the fines correctly though)! And i really see police camo behind the bridge with camera, and tripod stand lor! Beware!

The “few” cats waiting for buses !?





3 “cats” outside Changi General Hospital

4 “Cats” at the following bus stop

0! Zero! and i mean NO cat outside the ITE bustop!

Isn’t this ridiculous. What are bus lanes meant for? To create more jams?


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