Singapore Grand Prix 2008 in Singapore

F1- The HOT topic for last week!

Was at Boat quay celebrating my sister’s bday on friday and i could hear the F1 Cars. It was loud!

Took a slow drive on ECP on Saturday, hoping to catch a glimpse of the cars, but shit, there were TPs on the road side, and they actually blocked up all the possible views of the race!

It was the F1 finals last night and i stay home to watch it as the tix were simply too expensive!

My favourite car!






We all expected him to win! But shit, luck just isnt with him…..!

A disastrous pitstop for Felipe Massa, from the first to the last! he was given the green light to go but the fuel hose was still connected as he accelerated away!

The Ferrari dragged the hose down the pitlane, knocking over mechanics in the process, before Massa stopped and waited for assistance.

After mechanics struggled to remove the hose, he rejoined the race at the back of the field.

Real shit, isnt it! It aint his fault. Sack the mechanic who gave the wrong”GO”!

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