Fish Therapy @ Bishan Park

Yes.. its Fish Therapy @ Bishan Park!

$13 for half an hour and this fish spa only opened yesterday!





i went, but i did not try.. Am so afraid of the ticklish feeling!

They have 2 ponds, one pond with small fishes, and the other with larger size fishes. The difference – Smaller sized fish “feels” more ticklish compared to the larger sized fishes — thats what my friend says!




Pond 1

Pond 2

While they were enjoying the spa, i was bz snapping, snapping and snapping!




The smaller sized fish

The bigger sized fish.

Looks scary !!! Cannot imagine these fishes nibbling my toes! Yucky!

Just as we were having fun, Monster didn’t want to lose out too!




Starts “attacking” Vivi!

And obviously Vivi isn’t interested in u at all lor.. 不要在一情愿了 (dunno how to write la!)! 你们是不会有结果的!



陪我拍照! 不对, 应该说, 你被避拍照!


我真的好累了… 能不能放过我!

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2 Responses to Fish Therapy @ Bishan Park

  1. Dorothy says:

    You call that big fish ah, Fri i show you what Dan tried… As big as Luo Han Fish lor.. and pls… your mandarine sucks… check the bi (1) word… you put in bi (4) instead

  2. 1ynn says:

    WA, Luo Han Fish v big leh! u sure not!

    Ya lah, my Chinese sux la… but at least ppl can still understand what im trying to say! 😀

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