My Weekend…


Surprisingly, we were not at Autosports! We were playing mahjong at my aunt’s place! And my sis, the BIG winner of the day, walking away with $200 odds! Played till about 1 plus and headed to Nana! Met Serene, Nicky and friends and partied all the way till dunno wat time!



Met Joaelle at Jurong Point for Dental appointment and as usual, we’re the late queens! Appointment is at 4pm and we only arrived at 4:45pm! 😡 Keith is gonna kill me~~ Never early and forever late!

Bought a new pair of heels too! Nice? Joaelle chose it! Love the black and gold combination!

Followed by dinner at Golden Cafe, Boat Quay… and then Autosports!



Sis cooked a sumptuous dinner for us at my aunt’s place! There’s pepper chicken soup, Fried ginger pork, Fried Fish (super salty), Veg with clams and lastly, my “chao tah chai por egg”(not exactly chao tah la, fire a bit too big that’s all, but i have to admit that it taste really salty!) After dinner was mahjong again! And the BIG loser this time round is my sister, losing $160!


Sigh, gotta start planning for my coming weekend already… dun wanna end up losing at the mahjong table again…! Hm, how about mani and pedi, shopping and dinner at JB? Oh ya hor, i thought Dan is going for go-kart at Msia this weekend too? Better get him to confirm soon….

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