Super shag…

Argh.. Shag Shag Shag!

Lack of sleep!

Watched DVDs till 4am on Tuesday night, woke up at 8am for work. Thought i’ll just stay home and rest last night, but






Went to Arena last night with Joalle, WX and his 2 other friend. Reached Clarke Quay at 11:20pm and partied till 2:30am! Planned to go home at 1am and as usual, we partied 过头! There were 5 of us in total and we finished 2 bottles of Chivas! And of coz, the guys drink swallow the liquor like crazy!

Favourite Quote of the day: 小二倒酒!

Quite fun last night. We had fun playing five ten, and fouling people for making mistakes. And the most stupid mistake i made was to show a scissors when we were playing five ten. Wanted to close my hands but shit, my two fingers reaction too slow! And i stupidly made the same mistake twice!!!

Shit, i still smell of Chivas.. Yucky….

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