Yvonne’s Birthday Celebration 01.10.02

A way overdue post…. No choice coz i had to wait for Yvonne to upload the pics!





Yvonne insisted on taking photos with each and everyone of us before she gets drunk and her face turns red! But she’s already pinkish coz she started drinking since evening, and it was 10plus when we reached!


Weird, cant find the photos she took with Amanda and my sis. Yvonne must have QC-ed and kept those pics! 🙂



There’s this guy who keeps “bullying” Yvonne by asking her to drink and drink and the worse thing is, they just drink from the Martell bottle! So here comes the sisters, about 10 of us!

Bargaining starts….. and finally ends after quite some time!

Each sister will drink 3 seconds, meaning the guys will have to drink 30 sec. And the best part is, they only have about 5 guys at that table, so each one of them 6 sec!



Ringggg!!! Its 12:00am and its Yvonne’s birthday!



A beautiful bouquet of flowers from Darren.. Awww… Envy!


Happy Yvonne


Another round of shots with the sisters



And she makes a wish… and cuts the cake! Did u see a Cordon Bleu waiting for her?


I must say the candles are really lasting… From singing of birthday song + cam whoring session for the sisters, and still left quite long lor. Dun agree? Take a look at our sister gang!



 Erm… The yard glass broke, so we had no choice but to use






A Watch from Amanda, Sis and Pui

From Me & Joaelle

Keychain from Joey, Ah Bee, Moon

Beautiful bracelet from Grace

Crystal Cat from Joanna

And lastly, another gift from Amanda!









Amanda, i thought we were supposed to bring this out during cake cutting time? We forgot all about it!

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