Went to M Hotel Lounge and Insomnia at Chimjes last night.

With my evil twin, WX and gang!

For once, im not the Drunkard!

And suprisingly, out of 8 persons, im the only one who’s sober! Dont really feel like drinking coz im still feeling a little unwell, after the beer on Monday night!

Reahced M Hotel at about 10:30pm, and by then, the 6 guys have already finished 2 bottles of Chivas! They finished the 3rd bottle at about 11 plus, close to 12. Crazy!

Headed to Insomnia at Chijmes and its another 2 bottles of Chivas. Now guess wat, they actually finished the 2 bottles at early 2plus!

We has so much FUN last night until i couldnt resist taking pictures of the stupid things they did. But too bad, not able to flash it here as i dun wanna spoil their reputation! Coz among them were 2 teachers who didnt behaved like one! i was shocked! The only one that i can flash would be





Photo of me and my evil twin!

Laughed till my cheeks cramp , stomach cramp last night. They were so funny!!! Enjoyed their company!

Longing for the next outing already…. 

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