Went to Zouk on Sunday night but it was closed.

Went on Monday night and only the Wine Bar was opened.

Went on Wednesday night and the queue was already so damn long at 8plus!

You must be wondering why ive been making so many trips to Zouk these few days, not for party obviously, coz i dun even know that they will be closed on Sundays!

Well, i lost my cardholder in March this year and they have just called to say that they have my cardholder and asked me to go over and collect any day, and anytime before 10 pm will be good.. Nbz, they nv tell me to go on Wed/Fri/Sat.

Almost forgot that i have this cardholder

Saw a sticker on the back, wanna buy 4D?


So pissed… I lost my IC on March 29, and i only went to redo my IC in August and it cost me $300! Even though ive recovered my IC now, its pointless. Coz i wont be able to get back my $300!


Zouk, why u never call me earlier?  You said you’ve sent me a letter in April, BUT i really NEVER receive. Bao Ling also checked with your guys days after i lost the card holder, but they also say dun have.

Sigh, is this 天意?

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