Korean Charcoal BBQ

 Drove passed Joo Chiat weeks ago and i spotted this Korean restaurant:

Folk Village Korean Restaurant

Venue: 465 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427677

and i told myself i have to make a visit to this restaurant some day!





Been craving for Korean BBQ for a long long time!!!!!

Service was good and so were the food!

Especially the sliced beef. Aww.. its so juicy!

Love the sight of the side dishes… but dont really eat them coz they are sour.. eg. Kim chi, i dun like





Table packed with food


The side dishes




Apples, V Nice!

Sweet Corn, Yummy too.

Steam Egg, i like!

Salad, a bit too sour

Totally dun like this, too sour

Dunno what this is, but anyway, i dun like it too, coz its also sour!

BBQ Pork Belly… Drool~~

BBQ Pork

BBQ Beef! Yummy! *Thumbs Up*

Seafood Pan Cake, so-so. The one i had in BKK was nicer…

 Above cost us SGD 93.00. Not v cheap, but its nice!

Im gonna go back next month!!!

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