Sentosa 25.10.08

Sis had free tix to Sentosa’s 4D Magix so off we went.

The first thing that caught my eye when i reached Sentosa




Peacock Attacks!

But i havent seen any peacocks throughout the whole day.


 I also wanna take a ride on that… but i cant, coz im wearing a skirt!


Getting ready for the 4D Show… Roller Coaster!

The 4D Roller Coaster Show wasnt as scary as i thought! Its quite fun, but a bit too short as the show only lasts for about 10 mins.


Off we go, for another round of 4D show, Ahoy Mateys! The queue was so damn long… Luckily there were things to keep me entertained while waiting!


By the time we finished the 2 shows + all the q-ing, its about 6PM (coz we only reached at 4plus!) and sis had to leave for marketing at Sheng Siong, for dinner at night at Min’s place!

But we continued….

A ride at the Tiger Sky Tower which is almost 50 storeys high!


The views from the Sky Tower




The Sea


The Merlion

The Sunset


The construction


That was the one and only ride i took coz i had to rush back to Min’s place for dinner. Hairy Crabbies were waiting for me……….yummy!

But as i walk back to the carpark, i did not give up snapping, and being snapped!

Some random shots


The plants




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