Eden @ JB, 26.10.08

The plan

Clubbing at Eden, next to The Zon Hotel! Spending a night in JB on Sunday, Mani and Pedi on Monday and return to Singapore b4 the Deepavali Jam starts!


Eden @ JB

A very nice place, the surrounding looks grand, just like Singapore Clarke Quay. There is also a very big night club! Nice water features there too! So sad, i left my camera/bags/basically everything in the hotel, thats why no pics were taken!


The club

They have many many different clubs there… Hm, according to Nicky’s Msia friend, there is a club that specializes in cocktails, some clubs have more Malay clubbers, etc. So we went to — Cabana, club with more Chinese Clubbers!

It was a great night!

The place was pack! They play nice R&B and the best thing is, we can smoke in there too!

Partied till about 3 or 4am, cannot really remember.



Had 老鼠粉 for supper. It was Nice, especially with the little Chao Tah taste!



Stayed over at Mutiara for RM 350!

The Not very Fantastic View

The totally un-connectable wireless


Looking forward to another round of clubbing at Eden soon! I’ll make sure i bring my camera along the next time round!

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