Bintan 01.11.08

Haven’t been blogging for the past few days as i was away in Bintan, and gosh, so busy with work after i came back. Don’t even have time to blog, sounds so unbelievable ya.

It was a budget trip to Bintan, 4 of us (Serene, Me, Nick, YH ) in total. And the most ironic thing is, all 4 of us dunno how to swim — so why did we choose to go to Bintan in the first place?!?!?

We booked ourselves at Nirwana Beach Resort, the cheapest resort you can find in Bintan. SGD 108 per room on Saturday night and SGD 73 per room on Sunday night, breakfast and land transfer included ok! Good deal ya.! As i have mentioned earlier, it was a budget trip, so we bought some instant noodles (afraid that we the “owls” will have nothing to eat in the middle of the night), tit bits, green tea (thought of buying Martell at the Ferry Terminal before we depart) to Bintan knowing that things are expensive over there!

Days before our departure, we made a trip to Novena Square to stock up. Erm, i know this looks exaggerating. What to do? My friends are all big CCs, just like cars! Even though Serene might be small size, she is equivalent to a sports car, small in size but still high consumption of petrol!



On Nov 1 morning, i woke up at 9:30am in shock, and i started calling YH who was still sleeping too! We hurriedly wash up a bit, never even bathe ok, and shared a cab to the Ferry Terminal. We managed to get there in time, at about 10:20am?

Started looking out for both Serene and Nick and couldnt see them, so we gave them a call and guess what, My 大小姐 overslept too, and was still at Jurong! And poor Nick has been waiting for her (at her block ok!!) since 8AM?

Our plan was to meet at the Ferry Terminal at 10am for breakfast before our ferry departs at 11:15am. But things didnt happened as we planned!

Since both of them were still at Jurong, YH and me had to leave first. Nick and Serene will have to purchase another one way ticket and take the next ferry. And in the end, none of us got the Martell from DFS -_-“





And off we went! The ferry was so packed, cant even find a side by side seat! What to do, we were one of the last few!


After an hour of ferry ride




We finally reached and i saw this huge nice GARUDA (Eagle) statue outside the ferry terminal!


The legend has it that Garuda is a phenomenal eagle. It is depicted to have body and limbs of human and undefeatable strength. Only Wishnu, the symbol of continuity and order, can control it. Garuda is declared as symbol of state of the Republic of Indonesia.

Here comes the bus and we were on our way to the Beach Club!


Upon check in, the hotel reception told us that there will be a free upgrade from Nirwana Beach Club to Nirwana Resort Hotel. I find it so unbelievable coz i’m not such a lucky person, the room rate difference was about SGD 40 per room per night! So off we went to the Nirwana Resort Hotel by buggy!

My first buggy ride!



Our room number – 4D anyone?


Our Room at Lvl 2 with a pond view. The poor guys only has a Lvl 1 tree view!






My toiletries! Hehe, gals tend to be more 麻烦!

See my dettol — I bought this in JB (when my sis suggested to stay over a night to watch 杨家将), to JB again when i went to Eden, and now to Bintan! And finally used up after this trip!

My Sunsilk Shampoo — Bought this is BKK, then to Desaru, followed JB @ Mutiara, and now Bintan!

My insect repellent — Bought this in SG for my Desaru trip and now to Bintan!


Soon after we checked in, Nick and Serene arrived. We then proceed for lunch @ The Coffeshop as we missed our breakfast.


Service was a bit slow as we ordered ala-carte. We had to wait for 25mins before our orders will be served. In the meantime, yummy bread was served to us! If we had buffet lunch, it will be much faster but i don’t want to have a too heavy lunch or i’ll have a bulging tummy when i put on my bikinis!


After 25 mins of waiting …… Lunch was finally served!




Serene’s yummy Nasi Padang, my so-so only fish & chips, YH’s oily 炒面, Nick’s so-so lagsane.

p1010149 p1010148p1010150 p1010151

After lunch, its time ot get wet! So we went back to our rooms to change and our way back, i saw iguanas!


And off we were to the pool and beach for kayak!

The beautiful pool views

p1010158 p1010464p1010162 p1010163p1010177 p1010160p1010465 p10101611

The beautiful beach views

p1010164 p1010165p1010214 p1010170

The Night View

p1010234 p1010237p1010236 

and i spotted this hanging little crabbie








Camwhoring Session!






 After the swim, we went back to the room for a quick bath and a instant noodle feast! Following that was Halloween’s Night at La Luna!


The staff were all dressed up, even the band!

p1010291 p1010292p1010293 p1010294

Even the whole place was nicely decorated!




Random shots



That was the end of Day 1 and this blog took me more than 3 hours.

My wrist is hurting, my eyes are tired. So thats all for today!

More updates coming tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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