Bintan 02.11.08

Its Day 2!

Ive always dreamt of tying up like Rainie Yang but i never dared to. Now that I’m in Bintan, I’ve decided to give it a shot since no one knows me!



All us woke up at 9.30am for breakfast at the coffeeshop.

This was my breakfast, too much eggs ya!


After breakfast, we went back our room for a rest and went for Dune Buggy after that. This ride took us an hour and they are charging us at SGD 80 per buggy lor. So ex….

The Buggy (Dirty, Muddy, looks old and tearing apart anytime and still got spider web!)





And the staff insisted that i wear the helmet. Shit lor, it took me great pains to tie up my hair and now i have to mess it up?? No choice but to wear, but i wear it slanted so that there’s room for my pony tail!


Didn’t find this activity very fun, its just like driving.. The only difference would be driving through the forest, on the uneven roads with stones and muddy water, driving on the sand, and us the live baits for mosquito! But one thing that i really like were the sea views!

This was the poor guy who led us through the one hour drive. 


You must be wondering why im calling him a poor guy ? Let me tell u why.

We drove off from the starting point for less than 5 mins and there was a very steep slope which was less than few metres away. Ms Serene actually followed him too closely and banged into him!!! And guess what, his bike’s tyre was stuck under the buggy’s tyre that Serene was driving…! The guy immediately jumped off the bike, and made a comment saying that was his first time getting “knocked” down! Shit, as i was behind her buggy, i didnt manage to capture any pics.. else that would be hilarious!

The roads that we drove on.. and its my turn to drive… and i repeatedly told myself that i have to keep a safe distance from the bike!




The Views




And see what happens to my hair after the ride!


Wanted to try out jetski after the ride but it was simply too ex! $85 for 30 mins & $120 per hour? So we gave up the idea, since this was supposed to be a budget trip!

Headed for rifle shooting and archery instead.


Initially i sux at shooting, missed at least 5 times. But from the 6th time onwards, “bai fa bai zhong”! Haha!

The markswoman!



To double up the challenge, we fired w/o resting our elbow on the table!


The targets


As for Serene, she gave up on rifle shooting and went for Archery instead. Mai siao siao, she got Bull’s Eyes ok!


Took a walk at the mini zoo and there were crocodiles, a very huge eagle with very nice feathers and noisy parrots!


Rested on the hammock for a while and i was tortured!


and i thought might as well have a spiderwoman pose! and they really flipped the hammock lor!


It was a swim at the pool and drinks at poolbar after that since it was still early for dinner!


My sexyback.. Muhahaha


Swam till about 7pm and we went back to our rooms for shower and left the hotel at 9.30pm for the Kelong Restaurant.


Food pricing wasnt cheap, so we ordered 4 small dishes and the chicken was super yummy!





Not forgetting this






Headed back to hotel after dinner and watched TV till 2am…!

Its really quite boring at night!

Thats it for Day 2! 🙂

OMG, its 12:16am, and i have spent 3 hours on this blog again!?!!?


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